Monday, March 18, 2013

Not So Nellie: Fixing Up an American Girl Doll part IV

Her name is Willow and she is DONE! I am so happy to show you all my finished project! I saw someone suggest the name Lilly and really liked it. After thinking about it for a little while, I decided that Willow would be a great alternative for the name! It also has 2 L's like Nellie (You know, since she was supposed to be her LOL). After I straightened her hair I decided that it was a little too plain for my liking, so I fished my crimper out of my bathroom cabinet and got to work. After about 30 minutes of crimping, she was done. I got her dressed in a romper that  I made a couple weeks ago and added a pair of combat like boots and decided she looked pretty rockin'.

I also have a very special plan for this girl. I know originally I thought I would be re-selling her on ebay but I have a special home that I would like her to go to. I haven't yet revealed who I would like her to go to, but I will let you all know if she is able to become part of this girl's family.

For now I will leave you with pictures! I know that's probably what you are waiting for, lol!
So here she is: Willow!

 Here she is! Isn't she a beauty?!

 The back of her hair. I just love the way it came out. I think she does too!

 It made her hair look so much fuller. Rock that volume girl!

 I think she definitely has come a long way. Her eye isn't fixed unfortunately but I don't think it effects how beautiful she is!

She wanted to hang out with my girls. I really am hoping that she will be able to follow through with the plans I have for her and join *will let you know soon*'s family!

Since I finished her this evening it was too dark out to use natural day light to take her pictures. I really am not patient at all and wanted to share her with you all tonight! Please let me know what you think of her and if you think I should find another doll to give a make-over to! 

Thanks for reading! More posts soon for sure! 

xoxo Jessica

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