Monday, March 18, 2013

Not So Nellie: Fixing Up an American Girl Doll part IV

Her name is Willow and she is DONE! I am so happy to show you all my finished project! I saw someone suggest the name Lilly and really liked it. After thinking about it for a little while, I decided that Willow would be a great alternative for the name! It also has 2 L's like Nellie (You know, since she was supposed to be her LOL). After I straightened her hair I decided that it was a little too plain for my liking, so I fished my crimper out of my bathroom cabinet and got to work. After about 30 minutes of crimping, she was done. I got her dressed in a romper that  I made a couple weeks ago and added a pair of combat like boots and decided she looked pretty rockin'.

I also have a very special plan for this girl. I know originally I thought I would be re-selling her on ebay but I have a special home that I would like her to go to. I haven't yet revealed who I would like her to go to, but I will let you all know if she is able to become part of this girl's family.

For now I will leave you with pictures! I know that's probably what you are waiting for, lol!
So here she is: Willow!

 Here she is! Isn't she a beauty?!

 The back of her hair. I just love the way it came out. I think she does too!

 It made her hair look so much fuller. Rock that volume girl!

 I think she definitely has come a long way. Her eye isn't fixed unfortunately but I don't think it effects how beautiful she is!

She wanted to hang out with my girls. I really am hoping that she will be able to follow through with the plans I have for her and join *will let you know soon*'s family!

Since I finished her this evening it was too dark out to use natural day light to take her pictures. I really am not patient at all and wanted to share her with you all tonight! Please let me know what you think of her and if you think I should find another doll to give a make-over to! 

Thanks for reading! More posts soon for sure! 

xoxo Jessica

Friday, March 15, 2013

Not So Nellie: Fixing Up an American Girl Doll - Part III

Okay so this will be my last update for the evening. *Insert her name here ;-)* hair is all dried and brushed out! Can't believe the difference within just a couple hours. Her skin will be cleaned and I will attempt once more to fix her eye. She will need her limbs tightened and a new outfit will be made before I list her on eBay. Please let me know what you think so far!

 Can you believe that this is the same wig?!

 Her hair is straight and silky now.

 Turning out to be really pretty, huh? 

 I decided to take a couple flash pictures. You can really see her beautiful eye color but also notice that she has a bit of a lazy eye? I wish there was a cure for this!

 Her hair is a beautiful light brown color.

I love how the flash shows you the true color of her beautiful hair! I just love it!

Her eyes are a light blue, very similar the GOTY Nicki. You can see her left eye though, it gets stuck like this occasionally.

Thanks for following along! I will have more posts soon of her progress. I am going to my mom's house this weekend and will sew a couple of outfits that I might make part of her "collection". Still looking for a name! 

xoxo Jessica

Not So Nellie: Fixing Up an American Girl Doll - Part II

So these updates might come at your really quickly! I have been working on little Miss. No Name (Anyone want to help name her?!) and have been running into some problems. I'll get more into that later. As for now, I'll show you some pictures of her with her hair all brushed and straightened!

Looking better already! Now if it wasn't for that eye.

  When I brushed her hair out it became all 'flippy' at the ends, so cute!

How adorable is her hair?

 Wasn't a huge fan of the front few of her hair but that's alright!

 These are the white streaks on her legs. We will fix that right up!

 So since her hair was so frizzy and dead, I decided to spray some downy/water mix and straighten her hair. I will be showing you guys how to do that on my Youtube soon!

 I laid her so that her hair was able to drape over the side and dry straight. You'll see how nice it comes out!

Hello little Miss! Looking good!

Not So Nellie: Fixing Up an American Girl Doll

Hello there!

Welcome to my American Girl blog. I am really excited to share my dolls and our adventures with you! I won't go into detail on this post but will definitely have an introductory post soon. This one here is to tell you all about a doll that I came across on Craigslist!

You may be wondering why this post is called "Not So Nellie". Well let me explain! Recently I decided that it would be nice to browse Craigslist looking for loved dolls. I have come across quite a few amazing deals but some how I am never first to respond! Well, that luck changed when I came across a listing for a $65 Nellie doll. I was really excited to get a response that I had been the first to email her and that she would like to meet so I could pick up Nellie. Well, we did just that.

When I got to the Starbucks I picked a table to sit and wait, after wondering if the girl was there she sent me an email saying she was sitting in the Starbucks as well! I turned around and she happened to be sitting right next to me. After introductions, she pulled "Nellie" out of her bag. Wasn't her! It was definitely an American Girl doll (in awful condition I might add) but was most definitely not Nellie. I decided that I would pass on her. When I said that, the girl said she just wanted to get rid of her and asked if I would pay $20 for her. "SURE! Why not?!" I said to myself. A $20 AG doll, that's definitely a steal.

After getting into my car I did some more investigation of the doll. What I thought was just a messy head of hair turned out to be a bit more. She had some white streaks on her legs and unfortunately one of her eyes had sank into her head a bit and wasn't working properly. That's when I decided that maybe I shouldn't have spent $20 on this doll, what a waste!

Driving home I had a change of heart. Maybe I could have fun with this! I got home and decided I would do an "Extreme Makeover: Doll Edition" lol!  So here I am, writing to all of you about my little project. I will share some pictures now of this doll that I picked up from CL.

Words of Advise: Please do not meet people from Craigslist without a parent if you are under age. I am older than 18 years old and we met at a public place. It is NEVER safe to meet with someone from the internet in an unknown location, especially without an adult! Please please please keep this in mind!

Now on to the good stuff! Pictures!

Here she is! She looks like she has seen better days!

 As you can see - Her left eye is definitely not right.

 I bet she was a beautiful doll when she was new! Does anyone know what JLY she is?

 Now this is what you call a bad hair day!

I think my mom would have had a heart attack if my hair ever looked like this! Wish me luck!

More posts coming soon! Thanks for reading.

xoxo Jessica